Training: Two possibilities: Complete training with graduation or Personal enrichment

The entire training is based on a three-year program with two studies per month. Its includes Torah studies as well as Biblical Feasts studies. 

Two programs; two options; two awards:

  • Complete training with graduation—Diploma of Advanced Studies in Torah awarded upon completion
  • Personal Enrichment Studies—Certificate of Achievement 
  • Studies are available in PDF format 

Complete training to become a Moreh (Teacher):

Students desirous of graduation with Diploma of Advanced Studies in Torah must register for the entire three years program. Homework is assigned with a minimum of two per month with the sending of the course materials. Nomination as a Torah moreh (Torah teacher) will be awarded only after the candidate has successfully completed the three years program and has completed a final report. 

This training will allow those who want to teach Torah to be part of our Torah teachers net in order to start a Yeshiva at their home or at their Kehila. Sukkat David will offer help to open those study Torah groups. 

Personal Enrichment Studies:

Those who desire to study purely for personal enrichment can register and receive the studies without homework assignments. They will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon satisfactorily completing their studies.

Curriculum:  The studies are in PDF format.

  • Training in Torah: We offer studies based on the Torah portions that are read weekly (Parashot). Thanks to these studies, you will acquire a deep and solid knowledge of the Word in its fullness. 
  • Biblical Feasts: learning and putting into practice the Feasts of HaShem.

Contents of the studies:

Training in Torah:

The Parashot are the portions of the Torah that are read every week in the synagogue. The studies we offer aim at analyzing these Parashot in detail and are essentially based on ancient Jewish sources. The studies will allow you to:

  • Understand the general topic of the Parasha
  • Learn how to make a thematic analysis of the text
  • Discover the Messiah in the Parasha
  • Understand the Renewed Covenant (NT) with a Hebraic mindset and renew your mind, in line with Romans 12:2, by eradicating  Greek thinking             
  • Establish a link with the Haftarah (portion of the prophets, read after the weekly Parasha)
  • Personalize the teaching for your walk with G-d
  • Become familiar with Hebrew
  • A list of books is provided at the end of the study cycle for those who wish to deepen their knowledge.
  • The studies are easy to read and study, despite their richness. 

Biblical Feasts:

Biblical Feasts and events are treated separately in the form of a study,  and homework to hand in according to the option chosen. They are three sessions of three and four Feasts including: Introduction to Biblical Feasts, Shabbat, Pesach; Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, Kippur; Sukkot, Chanukka, Purim, the Four Fasts.

You can see on this page a sample of the Yeshiva studies

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