Conditions of Registration


Conditions of registration:

Personal Introduction (form to fill in will be sent after request)

Letter of commitment not to forward or copy any contents or studies to another non registered person (form to fill in will be sent after request):

The studies cannot be sent or copied to non registered persons. Only those who are officially registered can receive them; the Yeshiva’s “vision” is for those “sheep” who expressly ask for them. It is the vision HaShem gave to us and it must be respected with integrity for His honor: those who are part of the faithful Bride are recognizable in their way of conduct and respect for what is right because it was commanded by the divine Bridegroom. We encourage you to share with your friends about the Yeshiva and what you are learning, but these individuals must themselves register under the same conditions as you, if they wish to study.

Letter of application for those who wish to apply for the graduation(form to fill in will be sent after request):

The candidates for graduation will have to provide a letter of application in which they shall explain the reasons that motivate their decision to follow the Yeshiva. Our vision is to form disciples who will be able in turn, to train others. The bestowing of the diploma will pay heed to the putting into practice, the provided teachings throughout the training by each student.

The registration will be effective from the receipt of the enrollment fees and after examination of the application.

The studies can be followed individually or in group: you may start a study group at home or in your assembly. The conditions of registration are the same for each of the participants.


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